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04 Jan

Marlow Man Likes to Kiss Little Girls

Terry R. Estes, 32, of Marlow, Oklahoma appeared in Stephens County court today. He was charged with Lewd Or Indecent Acts to a Child Under 16 and was held on a $50,000 bond.

A 12 year-old-girl was followed, along with her 9-year-old brother and two other kids, to the Chickasaw Housing Authority Administration Building. The girl said that Estes put his arms around her waist and kissed her. The girl said she pushed him away and walked off. Estes allegedly exposed himself later.

So, what does Estes have to day in his defense? He said he "French-kissed" the girl and was indecisive about whether he planned to escalate to sexual relations. He also admitting to urinating and exposing himself. What a perv…

Let's hope this creep stays behind bars.

29 Dec

CSN Net Clean-Up: End of the Year Clearance!

CSN Net Clean-Up

CSN Net Clean-Up is an effort to remove sex offenders from social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. These sites generally do not allow sex offenders to create profiles.

Here are two sex offenders that may not be surfing Facebook next year…

CSN Net Clean-Up: Clarence Eugene McKnelly

McNellyClarence Eugene McKnelly is a convicted sex offender from Omaha, Nebraska. He was convicted of 3rd Degree Sexual Asault of a Child in May of 2010. He is now absconded. He is currently using at least two aliases to post on Facebook. He also maintains a MySpace account under one of those aliases. Since McKnelly was convicted of child rape, we thought you should know about his online activity –especially since he is being devious. CrimeShadows News will attempt to have these profiles removed, though it may be difficult since he is using phony information.

Facebook profile using the fake name of "Sonny Ropers."

Facebook profile using the fake name of "Sonny Hood."

MySpace profile using the fake name of "Sonny Ropers."

Clarence Eugene Forrest is another alias used by McKnelly.


CSN Net Clean-Up: Richard James Gaddis

GaddisRichard James Gaddis is another convicted sex offender using Facebook to lure victims. Gaddis was convicted in 1998 (in Oklahoma) of sexual battery and forcible oral sodomy. At the time of these crimes, Gaddis was already a convicted felon, having committed crimes ranging from burglary to assault and battery with intent to kill. This is not a person most people would choose to associate with online. Yet, Gaddis currently maintains two Facebook profiles.

Facebook One

Facebook Two

The above profiles, which were active at the time of this post's writing, have been reported to the respective administrators. If you know of a registered sex offender with a profile on Facebook, you can report it using the following link:!/help/contact.php?show_form=wos_sex_offender

To report a sex offender on MySpace, click "Report Abuse" at the bottom of the profile page. If you do not see this link, or if it has been obscured by a template or styles, disable JavaScript in your browser and reload. The link should now be visible. Be sure to re-enable JavaScript after you have clicked the "Report Abuse" link.

This information has been provided to alert the online community of sex offenders that have created and/or continue to maintain profiles on social networking sites in violation of that site's policy. Do not use this information to threaten, intimidate, or harass the offenders profiled here.

23 Dec

Where is Jaymie Adams?

Jaymie SandersJaymie Sanders26-year-old Jaymie Adams who was last seen around 11:00 PM on December 9, 2011 by her husband, Justin Adams, at their home in Blanchard, OK. Jaymie's 2004 Chrysler Town & Country van was located at McDonald's at 9000 SE 29th Street in Oklahoma City the next morning. The van was locked, but Jaymie was nowhere to be seen.

Jaymie Adams' husband orignally told police that Jaymie planned to go to the store about 11:00 PM Friday. She, according to Justin Adams, called him later saying she was going to meet a friend at McDonald's. He said Jaymie sent him a text telling him she had arrived at the McDonald's. This text, sent at around 12:45 AM, was the last that he heard of her.

Justin Adams found her van the next morning at the McDonald's at 9000 S.E. 29th Street. He called police for help in getting into the locked vheicle. Police refused, as he could not verify he was the owner. Police then questioned him.

Jaymie SandersAccording to the Oklahoma City Police Department, Justin Adams stated several times that he did not know who his wife planned to meet. He said he tried to call her, but his calls went straight to voice mail. He said he found the van and called police.

Justin Adams has hired an attorney after being questioned by police in regards to his wife's whereabouts. Jaymie's husband is now alleging, via his attorney, that the mother of three engaged regularly in prostitution via Craigslist. So far, this claim has been unsubstantiated by law enforcement. Meanwhile, Justin Adams is pleading for his wife's safe return.

Police believe Jaymie Adams may have been the victim of foul play. Jaymie Adams is 5' 8" tall, 220 lbs with brown hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing a zip-up brown jacket, a black-and-white checked shirt, dark blue jeans, and white Nike tennis shoes. Jaymie is reported to be 2 months pregnant. If you have seen Jaymie or know anything about this case, please call the Oklahoma City Police Department at 405) 297-1129. Let us hope that Jaymie Adams is found soon.

Friends and family of Jaymie are hoping she is found safe. Two Facebook pages have been set up for Jaymie:

Help Find Jaymie Adams – Missing from Blanchard, Oklahoma

Pray for the safe return of Jaymie Adams from Blanchard Oklahoma

If you would like to help in the search for Jaymie, you can download a flyer here:

Vertical Flyer

Horizontal Flyer

Four Flyers per Page

09 Dec

Finally! Weleetka Killer Charged


The horror of that day comes back even as I write this post. I will never forget how distraught I was, thinking that someone was capable of such a brutal act. Two children shot down in a cowardly, merciless act. Since that day in June of 2008, we have waited for Justice. I hope now that authorities have the suspect in their hands, that he gets what he deserves; In my opinion, that is nothing less than death.

From the OSBI website:

Officials File Charges in Weleetka Murder Case

SweatFirst Degree Murder charges were filed Friday afternoon by District Attorney Max Cook against 25-year-old Kevin Sweat for the June 2008 murders of 13-year-old Taylor Placker and 11-year-old Skyla Whitaker. The friends were shot multiple times as they played close to Placker’s home near Weleetka.

The OSBI has identified one of two weapons used in the murder as a .40 Glock model 22 with serial number EKG463US. Sweat may have tried to sell that gun at a gun show in Tulsa this March. The OSBI is offering up to a $5,000 reward for that firearm.

Investigators are releasing two photographs of Sweat, who is from Henryetta. One is the booking photo taken when he was arrested and subsequently charged with the murder of Ashley Taylor, his girlfriend. The other photo was taken around the time of the Weleetka murders.

Since this case has been handed to the District Attorney for prosecution, the OSBI will no longer provide information unless directed by the District Attorney.

The OSBI appreciates the work of many law enforcement officials across the State and on a federal level. Those agencies include the Okfuskee and Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office, Weleetka, Henryetta, Okemah, and Okmulgee Police Departments, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, several Narcotics Task Forces, the ATF, U.S. Marshal’s Service, and the FBI.

The OSBI also deeply appreciates the patience practiced by the families of Taylor and Skyla. Due to the immense amount of leads worked in this case, OSBI dedicated an unprecedented amount of manpower on this case. To families of other homicide victims, the OSBI vows to work equally hard on your loved one’s case.

The OSBI continues to urge anyone with information about this case to call 1-800-522-8017. A sizeable reward remains in place for such information.

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