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23 Jan

Christopher J. Easley Broke a Baby

Easely31-year-old Christopher J. Easley of Marlow, Oklahoma allegedly put a baby in the hospital. According to the Lawton-Constitution, Easley confessed to breaking the infant’s upper and lower left arm, left femur and three ribs. Easley also confessed to using his closed fist to push the baby's stomach and ribs "to help with constipation." WTF? Easley also allegedly spanked the 2-month-old child for "disciplinary reasons."

Easley is being held on a $500,000 bond. He is charged with child abuse by injury after former conviction of a felony. He faces life in prison, which I doubt he will serve. Children often get the short end of the stick when it comes to monsters like Easley. At the very least, I hope someone wipes that smirk off his face.

Full story (including more details of the abuse) at the Lawton Constitution.

  • bass_man

    Here is some more info on him he has done this before in jackson county and was never charged so he was free to hurt another child and family this time i was my grandson and family why was nothing done 4 years ago instead of getting his rights taken away why didnt they lock him away go ask the D.A. of jackson county

  • Eric Susee

    “At the very least, I hope someone wipes that smirk off his face.” Hell, I hope someone breaks his nose…..yet again. - Our Main Site - includes Unsolved Cases

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