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02 Nov

Barry Caudle, Youth Minister/Child Predator

CaudleCaudleBarry Caudle of Marengo, Illinois was the youth minister at the Marengo First Assembly of God at 22817 W. Grant Highway when he was arrested for attempting to solicit for sex a person he thought was a child. The 39-year-old man was arrested during the execution of a search warrant at the church. A Rock Island police officer posing as an 11-year-old girl online was propositioned for sex by Caudle. Caudle was charged with three felony counts of indecent solicitation of a child and one count each of grooming and unlawful luring of a minor. Bail was set at $150,000.

According to his LinkedIn page, Caudle worked as an assistant pastor at Harvest Chapel in Sandwich, Illinois.


Caudle was also on Facebook, with 1169 friends as of this writing.

Caudle's Facebook






Caudle was active at CMConnect.

A comment from Caudle from April 27, 2011 on the Out of Kids Ministry group at CMConnect:

I have been at two different churches. The church I was at before the Junior High started in 5th grade. So our ministry went from K-5 and they started youth at 6th grade. The church I am currently at we have the kids until they finish 6th grade. Hopefully that will help you out. God Bless you and your ministry!!!

Caudle was active on Twitter. He also ran a blog.

Barry Caudle will tell you that he loves kids. For Caudle, this is not a good thing. Let's make sure he stays far away from any and all children in the future.

If you have any information regarding Barry Caudle and his possible victims,please, contact the McHenry County Sheriff's office Criminal Investigation Division at (815) 338-2144.

  • Jake Geihm

    The sad, sad truth about this story, is that we only see one biased, judgemental opinion on the case. Sure, there are facts thrown in, but how many of the details have been changed/skewed/overexagerated from reality??? a police officer posing as an 11-year old girl??? I thought the first news articles claimed it was a 14yr old girl? Was that not bad enough for the crimeshadows, so it is altered for the ignorant?? Arrested for attempting to solicit for sex?? nope, misleading again. This was all an online investigation. Nothing physical will ever be claimed. A man who may have exchanged sexual conversations with a man posing as an underage girl, yet never meeting up with the girl or ever proven to have done anything physical with anyone underage. Half of all these news articles on Caudle have personal information, citing facebook and other online profiles as their source. That’s the world today, not being able to distinguish reality from virtuality…..Although it is very disturbing and upsetting to see a man in his position, with his responsibilities caring for young ones, fall to whatever temptations caused him to have this online problem, doesn’t automatically define his overall character. People have fantasies all the time in their head that they never speak of, and would never act on in reality. This man, for whatever psychological reason, was turned on by this secret situation with a minor. Yes, it’s bad. i’m not disagreeing with that at all, but who are we to judge his entire character based on this one mistake? People are saying this is where it starts, and we need to stop him before he strikes..bull crap. This article claims that we should keep him far far away from kids..also ignorant journalism. If a kid were to play a video game where he goes around killing other players in a warlike atmosphere, and he keeps yelling out the name of a boy who made him mad in school that day, saying “i’m gonna kill you timmy..i hate you…i’m gonna shoot you” as he kills players in this video game, are we to suspect that Timmy actually has something to worry about??? Or maybe the videogame player is just releasing stress and venting through means of a virtual world, and he would never actually kill someone, but living in a fantasy world of a video game, it’s acceptable in his mind to make such threats…because to him, they’re not real…….im not saying every child predator case is like this, but give me a break. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone is entitled to forgiveness. Caudle hurt no one. He solicited for sex acts online, but if that supposed 14yr old girl said “hey, my parents are gone for the weekend, you should come over”, he may have very well said, “no, i don’t do that”….because maybe to this man, it was just fooling around online with a twisted fantasy in a virtual world of a chatroom….that it would never actually do anyone harm…..but we are so quick to judge. so quick to throw the book at him. He will learn from his mistake, but i believe that ruining someone’s career and reputation is the worst punishment of all…and media does a fantastic job of doing so….Everyone that knows this man knows he is not a predator…people mess up, and people are forgiven. Tomorrow, if given the opportunity, i would trust this man with my 14yr old daughter…because it’s one thing to give into a literally harmless online temptation and a completely different thing to commit these actions in reality….think about it. why didn’t they try to trap him?? why didn’t they try to get him to come out and meet up with this “14yr old girl?”…they say, online is where it starts…but WHY didn’t they PROVE that this man would have taken physical action if invited to do so???? maybe because they knew he wouldn’t..mabye because they KNOW people don’t always take that next step…that there is a line some people won’t cross…which would have killed their case in court…and in this case, that line would be talking sexually with underage girl online VS actually being a sexual predator….a predator preys on its victims…(and technically there are no victims in this case) why haven’t they proven there are more ‘victims’?? they’ve investigated him for 3 months and the only victim i see is Caudle himself…he was baited into a situation…..busted and then humiliated…is there any underage girl hurt from the situation…nope. none. spending years around children in the public eye…never alone…and no parent EVER picked up on a creepy vibe?? EVER?? not too predatorlike, is it? knowledge is power, ignorance is a disgrace..thanks for appreciating my participation.

  • crimeshadows

    We’re not accepting manuscripts at this time. Loser.

  • tammystringer

    Jake what he did was against the law and very wrong. He persued a child  asking for sex. You sound really immature and ignorant. You need to think before you speak. The statements you are making seem like a fantasy about children is ok, it’s very very wrong. I think you have some issues in this department if you think any of this is alright. Barry was the children’s pastor for my children and I thought the world of him, but I would never let him near any of my children again. I can forgive him as a Christian, but as Christians and parents we have the responsibility to protect our children and keep predators away.

  • xx_muggles_xx

     knew this man personally.  This comes as a total shock to me because I was involved in a small group with him and got to know him and his wife.  You see, I tried to commit suicide but I woke up to him holding my hand and praying over me.  It just reminds me of this…
    Father please forgive me for I can not compose The fear that lives within meOr the rate at which it growsIf struggle has a purpose on the narrow road you’ve carvedWhy do I dread my trespasses will leave a deadly scarDo they see the fear in my eyes? Are they so revealing?This time I cannot disguise all the doubt I’m feeling 
    What if I stumble, what if I fall?What if I lose my step and I make fools of us all?Will the love continue when my walk becomes a crawl?What if I stumble, and what if I fall?

    I don’t know what to think.  It hurts deeply.  Sharon, can I hold your hand?  I will shed many tears.
    Marion Head

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  • jeff mikali

    namecalling over an opinion? Loser? This site is a joke! It is informational, and claims “participation is appreciated”, yet when people participate, the trend seems that their opinions are disregarded and belittled. Who’s the real loser??…the person expressing their opinion on a one sided story, or the close minded person Calling names instead of having a conversation? If you can’t have a conversation with people that comment on this silly site, just Let the news cover these stories; even their misleading stories are better than this sad excuse for journalism…if you’re going for public service, you’re missing your target.

  • Tiffany

    If this man has been contemplating sex with a child…14/11…both children, lets not split hairs here. If this man was having cyber sex with a child or actually attempting to meet and physically have sex with this child, either are equally wrong. I am disgusted that anyone would think that it is even ok to have a fantasy about sex with a child. I can honestly say that the thought has never crossed MY mind. Please do some research on child molesters and their records…which should indicate that they are almost always repeat offenders and not candidates for rehabilitation. - Our Main Site - includes Unsolved Cases

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