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02 Mar

Realm of Darkness: The Missing And The Dead

Since 2001, over a dozen women have gone missing from the Albuquerque area. These women are feared to have met their end at the hands of a serial killer. A mass grave has recently been found on a mesa west of Albuquerque. Over a dozen bodies have been recovered. Two have been identified. Police believe that the fate of other missing women may soon be discovered from this unholy burial place. But, who are these women? Who may be among the dead? The high-risk lifestyle of drugs and prostitution that these women have led does not bode well for them. This post lists some of Albuquerque’s missing women, including some who are likely to have crossed paths with the man responsible for the recently discovered skeletal remains.

The two women who have been identified were initially reported as missing persons. Michelle Gina Valdez was reported missing in September of 2004. She was recently found among the dead in the mesa burial ground. Her boyfriend had said she walked to the store but never came home. Victoria Chavez was also found in the mass of graves. Chavez has been missing since 2004. Both women had a history of drugs and prostitution.

Below is a list of women who have disappeared from the Albuquerque area since 2001:

Darlene Marie Trujillo missing since July 2001

Sonia Bernadette Lente missing since October 2002 - Update: Identified remains were found on the Isleta Pueblo.

Monica Diana Candelarie missing since May 2003

Brenda Jeen Apalicio missing since May 2003

Christine Julian missing since April 2003

Doreen Marquez missing since October 2003

Anselma Guerra missing since 2004

Veronica Romero missing since 2004

Virginia Ann Cloven missing since April 2004

Evelyn Jesus-Maria Salazar missing since March 2004

Jamie Caterina Barela missing since March 2004

Julie Cyndie Nieto missing since July 15, 2004 - Update: Identified among the dead.

Cinnamon Elks missing since August 2004 - Update: Identified among the dead.

Felipa Gonzales missing since 2005

Anna Vigil missing since January 2005

Nina Herron missing since May 2005

Shawntell Waites missing since 2006

Leah Rachel Peebles missing since May 2006

Brittney Jaramillo missing since October 2007

If you have any information regarding these missing persons, or the ongoing investigation of the mesa burial grounds, please, call the Albuquerque Police Department at(505) 768-2404. - Our Main Site - includes Unsolved Cases

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